Thinking In Pawning Jewelry? Here’s What Pawn Shops Look For

Factors That Determine The Value Of Your Jewelry

Pawning a piece of jewelry is not uncommon when walking into an Arizona pawn shop. You probably already thought about what you’ll get in exchange monetarily. Nonetheless, brokers have specific ways of determining your item’s worth. That said, how do pawnbrokers determine that value?

Many factors influence the item’s value. It doesn’t come down to how gorgeous the piece of jewelry is; it’s much more than that.

As a customer, you must know that the monetary value will probably change between you and the pawnbroker. Your piece of jewelry might be worth $1,200 to you but $500 to the broker.

The broker isn’t taking advantage of you just because they don’t offer the same price as you, they’re just calculating a fair price based on the inherent worth of the item.

Now let us help you understand what pawn shops look for when pawning jewelry.

Pawning jewelry in Arizona

Factors That Help Determine The Jewelry Value

Factors like the stones and the size of the piece matter. Let’s check what helps the pawnbroker determine the item’s value.

The Metal Used

The material for the piece of jewelry is extremely important to determine its worth, due to its qualities.

If the jewelry is made of silver, it is a good idea to check if the silver is strong before pawning it at the Scottsdale pawn shop. However, silver doesn’t compare to gold, which is pricier. Gold is also more durable, and it doesn’t tarnish.

Another thing to consider is the karat. The higher the karat (10, 14, or 18K), the higher the value.

Also, remember there are many types of gold: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, etc. This could also influence the value of your jewelry. For example, rose gold is more affordable because it’s mixed with copper, but also more popular, while yellow gold is the purest, so it is highly valued.

The Stones

What stones does your piece of jewelry have? Aside from the material, the pawnbroker will also check the stones. Diamonds are popular, and they are the most valued at a Maricopa pawn shop.

If your piece of jewelry doesn’t have diamonds, then it may have other precious stones like sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc.

Maybe your item is adorned with semiprecious stones like pearl, amethyst, amber, or jade. Precious stones are more difficult to find than semi-precious, so they are pricier.

But, the stone itself is not everything that counts. The pawnbroker also considers color and weight. If you visit any pawn store, you realize that larger precious stones have more value than smaller ones, because large stones of top quality offer a better price.

One last thing to consider is the place of origin. Where did the piece of jewelry come from? Is it a designer piece? Is it from another place? That may help you with the final price.

How Much Can I Get For Pawning Jewelry?

As with other products in pawn shops, you will probably obtain between 25% and 60% of the retail item value. You may be tempted to pay that price if you need the money fast, but remember to negotiate the price whenever possible.

Is It Better To Sell Or To Pawn?

You can pawn your jewelry to get quick cash, but remember that the piece will simply be collateral until you can pay the pawnbroker for what you own. If you prefer to avoid this process, you can sell the jewelry instead, but you may have to negotiate for a few minutes and fill out a little paperwork before having the money.

In the end, none is better than the other. If you go to an Arizona pawn store, it’s better to simply analyze the situation and decide which option suits you better.

How Much Can I Get At a Pawn Shop If I Sell Gold?

The gold price depends on many factors, including how competitive the pawn market is. The price at a Glendale pawn shop will also vary depending on today’s gold price, minus the commission. The price for scrap gold and gold jewelry may be the same if the pawnbroker plans to melt down the jewelry.

Finding a Top-Rated Arizona Pawn Store

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