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The Pawn Experts is a top-rated Maricopa pawn shop with a reputation for offering top dollar and reasonable payback terms. You deserve to be treated with respect and professionalism, so visit us today to get the fast cash you need!

Easy Loan Process

Our team at The Pawn Experts are committed to making your pawning experience simple, painless, and quick.

Pawn Items for Quick Cash At Our Maricopa Pawn Shop
Pawn Items for Quick Cash

With exceptional payback terms, you can quickly and quietly secure a loan with The Pawn Experts.

Maricopa Pawn Shop Has The Biggest Inventory Around
Biggest Inventory Around

We offer the largest selection of high-quality items, including firearms, jewelry, electronics, watches, and more.

Get The Most Money For Your Jewelry At Our Maricopa Pawn Shop
Get the Most Money

Bring in your items and receive fast cash at top dollar from our pawn experts.

Flexible Repayment Plans

When life throws curveballs and you need a reliable place to pawn your items without being taken advantage of in the process, The Pawn Experts is an excellent resource. We offer top dollar, including reasonable payback plans and unbeatable rates. Your financial success is our first priority.

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Regardless of your needs, the Experts in our store will take care of you quickly, quietly and with the respect you deserve.

Loaning Arizona Since 1966

Maricopa Pawn Shop Offers Flexible Repayment Plans
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Since 1966, our customers have experienced our commitment to prioritizing their needs, listening to their requests, and taking effective action to serve and assist them.

Not Your Typical Pawn Shop

The Pawn Experts carries over 75 combined years of experience in pawning all types of items. Whatever your financial needs, we put our customers first.

Buy, Sell, Loan At Our Maricopa Pawn Shop
Affordable Loans For Diamonds Jewelry And Excellent Customer Service

Loans and More.

Affordable Loans, Excellent Customer Service

Our Maricopa pawnbrokers at The Pawn Experts offer the largest loans of any other pawn shop in the area.

Privacy & Respect

on each of your loans

You can trust The Pawn Experts to keep your personal information protected as you pawn items with us.

Get Privacy And Respect With Every Appraisal And Loan At Our Maricopa Pawn Shop
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Browse Our Amazing Selection At Our Gold And Jewelry Pawn Shop In Maricopa

Amazing Selection

Get Quick Cash in AZ

Choose from a vast selection of items including electronics, jewelry, electronics, firearms, watches, clothes, and so much more.

The Best Rated
Valley Pawn Shop

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LOVE this place! The customer service is outstanding. They have a little of everything!

Wendy M.
Maricopa AZ
Five Star Review By A Maricopa Pawn Shop Customer

For over 50 years, our team has worked hard to earn consistent five-star ratings across the board on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Our customers highly recommend us to others for our commitment to their financial success, protection of their privacy, and quick, discreet loans. Visit The Pawn Experts today to experience it for yourself!

Take my word for it,
that this one is the BEST in the valley.

I always feel satisfied with my business there. This is the place to go!!!

Collectibles, Jewelry, Firearms and More!

Quickly, Quietly And Efficiently Process Your Purchases, Sale Or Loans

As soon as you enter our store you realize, this is something special. From our incredible selection of Jewelry, Firearms and Musical Instruments to our amazing collection of hard to find items and collectibles.

Browse Diamonds for Sale At The Maricopa Pawn Shop By The Pawn Experts
Browse Jewelry for Sale At The Maricopa Pawn Shop By The Pawn Experts
Browse Watches for Sale At The Maricopa Pawn Shop By The Pawn Experts
Browse Musical Instruments for Sale At The Maricopa Pawn Shop
Browse The Electronics for Sale At The Maricopa Pawn Shop
Browse Our Gun Collection for Sale At The Maricopa Pawn Shop
Browse Our Tool Selection for Sale At The Maricopa Pawn Shop
Browse Our Collectibles for Sale At The Maricopa Pawn Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

When a life situation arises that causes you to need fast cash, a pawn shop is an excellent resource by accepting items as collateral for a short-term loan. The process works by bringing in a specific item and having it assessed by the pawnbroker. You will receive a loan offer equal to a certain percentage of that item’s value, with a specific period of time to repay the loan.
If you are considering pawning a gun, there are a few extra requirements. You should first determine if the specific pawnshop actually buys and sells guns, and come prepared with all information pertaining to the gun including the make, model, and caliber, along with your personal information and proof of residence. Determine the value of the gun before bringing it in, and be sure it is unloaded and locked.
The pawn loan amount is determined based on the value of the item you pawn. Part of the process is first bringing the item to the pawn shop so the pawnbroker can assess its value. They will then offer you a loan for a certain percentage of the appraised value. It is important to pre-determine the item’s value before visiting the pawn shop to ensure a fair offer is made.

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