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Over 55 Years In The Pawn Industry

The Pawn Experts have been pawning items and giving loans to residents throughout the Valley since 1966. We firmly believe that our customers come first, so we take time to listen to their requests and ensure they feel completely comfortable with the process.

Get Fast & Easy Cash For Your Jewelry And Firearms Near Peoria

Our Peoria pawnbrokers offer low interest loans for all types of items including firearms, jewelry, electronics, and so much more.

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You can expect to receive a fair offer and low interest loan for any item you pawn with our store.

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Our five-star Peoria pawn shop carries a large inventory with new items always being added.

Get the Most Money For Your Jewelry At The Pawn Experts Near Peoria

Items Of Value For Top Dollar

At The Pawn Experts, you can pawn and sell valuable items for a top dollar offer.

Flexible Repayment Plans With Low Interest Rates

At The Pawn Experts, we understand that life is full of surprises. If you are facing a financial emergency and need fast cash to make it through, our top rated pawn shop near you in Peoria is an excellent resource. We are experienced pawners and passionate about making fair offers and offering low interest loans. With loans up to $75k and flexible repayment opportunities, The Pawn Experts provides a reliable place to pawn or sell your valuables without being taken advantage of in the process. Bring in your items for assessment today!

The Pawn Experts Offers Flexible Repayment Plans Near Peoria
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Get 20% Bonus Cash On Your Next Loan & Up To 20% Off For Any Items Purchased At Any Of Our Five Valley Locations

*Not Applicable To Firearms

About Our Pawn Shop Serving Peoria & Surrounding Cities

The Pawn Experts have held a strong presence in the community since 1966. As a locally owned and operated business, we value your belongings just as much as you do and guarantee a thorough assessment with a top dollar offer. Whether you have jewelry, firearms, watches, electronics, game consoles, or tools, The Pawn Experts is on your side. Visit our Peoria location to learn more!

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Affordable Loans For Diamonds And Jewelry At The Pawn Experts Near Peoria

Affordable Loans, Exceptional Customer Service & More

Pawning your items in Peoria during a financial crisis can feel embarrassing or upsetting, so The Pawn Experts is proud to offer all loans discreetly and privately. Your personal information is secure from start to finish, and we do our best to ensure a comfortable experience for you.

Pawn Loans Of Up To 75k Under Reasonable Terms

Our pawnbrokers are not here to treat you unfairly or steal your money! Instead, we thoroughly assess your items to determine their value and give top dollar offers up to $75k. Our payment plans are flexible and our team is always willing to work with your needs!

Private Item Appraisal And Great Cash Loans At Our Pawn Shop Near Peoria
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Amazing Selection Of Diamonds At Our Pawn Shop Near Peoria

Find A Wide Selection Of Items, Jewelry & Guns

As a five-star Peoria pawn shop, The Pawn Experts is licensed to purchase, pawn, and sell any items you may have including diamonds, firearms, electronics, tools, game consoles, watches, movies, and so much more. We are committed to offering top dollar loans, low interest rates, and flexible repayment plans.

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Had such a great experience. Jessica was super friendly and very helpful.

Jasmine S.
Glendale AZ
Five Star Rated Review By A Pawn Shop Client

When you pawn items with The Pawn Experts, we ensure your personal information and privacy is completely protected, so that you can secure a loan discreetly. We understand that you are doing your best to support your family and we are here to help by offering big loans and flexible repayment plans.

Take my word for it,
that this one is the BEST in the valley.

I always feel satisfied with my business there. This is the place to go!!!

Jewelry, Watches, Handguns, Collectibles & More!

Quick, Quiet & Discrete Pawning Loan Process Near You

Because we are licensed to purchase and resell virtually any item you may have, The Pawn Experts carries a wide variety of inventory. We take everything from musical instruments and jewelry, to tools and electronics.

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Browse The Jewelry Collection At The Pawn Experts Located Near Peoria
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FAQs About Pawn Shop Loans

Pawning items comes in handy when you have found yourself in a financial crisis. Bring your valuable items to our pawnbrokers for assessment, and we will thoroughly examine them to determine their value and worth. We will offer you a loan equaling a certain percentage of the item’s assessed value, and you will have a contracted period of time to repay the loan back.

Arizona law requires any individual who wants to pawn an item to be over the age of 18 years and to present a valid driver’s license. If you do not have a valid or current license, you will not be allowed to pawn or repurchase your belongings. Pawning a firearm requires additional paperwork and other valid information pertaining to that firearm.

Yes, the process to pawn a gun is a bit different than pawning other items. You will need to come prepared with pertinent information about the gun including its make, model, and caliber. You will also be required to show your personal information and proof of residence, including driver’s license. Be sure to determine the value of the gun beforehand so you know if the offer is fair.

Each pawn shop carries their own policies, but you can generally expect your pawned items to be held for a 30 day grace period before being offered for sale to the public. If you repay the loan during that time, your item will be returned to you. It is always the best idea to repay your pawn loan as quickly as possible.
Yes, many pawn shops offer the opportunity to renew or extend your loan contract, if you find yourself unable to repay the initial amount within the first 30 days. You can typically extend the contract for another 30 days just by paying the monthly fee, and many shops do not put a limit on how many times your pawn loan can be extended.
When your valuables are brought into The Pawn Experts, our pawnbrokers will carefully examine them to determine their value. You will then be offered a cash loan for a specific percentage of the appraised value. It is important to research and know the value of your item before bringing it in, to ensure the offer you have received is fair.

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