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Over 55 Years In The Pawn Industry

Since 1966, The Pawn Experts have been pawning items and giving loans to residents throughout the greater Phoenix Valley. We are driven by our promise that our customers always come first, and we demonstrate that dedication by listening to our customers’ requests and taking any action necessary to assist them as best we can. We take great pride in every aspect of our pawning process, our store, and our standard of operation. The Pawn Experts carry extensive knowledge and resources to provide the best deals in town.

Get Quick Cash Loans For Your Jewelry & Firearms Near Gilbert

When you need cash, our Gilbert pawn shop is here to help. It takes just a few minutes to examine your items, assess their value, and provide a fair offer with affordable terms. We are not here to take advantage of your financial situation! Instead, The Pawn Experts offer top dollar and flexible repayment plans so you can get the cash you need without stress.

Pawn Your Items For Fast Cash Near Gilbert

Pawn Your Items For Fast Cash

Expect to receive top dollar for any item you pawn with us. We are quick, discreet, and fair, and utilize our extensive experience and knowledge to ensure you get more for your items than any other pawn shop in town.

Buy From Our Large Inventory Near Gilbert

Buy From Our Large Inventory

The Pawn Experts have the largest inventory around with something for everyone, including jewelry, watches, firearms, clothes, electronics, and so much more. We are continually making changes to our selection so our customers never get bored!

Sell Items Of Value For Top Dollar Near Gilbert, AZ

Sell Items Of Value For Top Dollar

Whether you need money for an emergency or a special anniversary trip, you can bring your items to our Gilbert pawn shop near you and receive a top dollar cash offer. We are always fair and affordable!

Flexible Repayment Plans With Low Interest Rates

At The Pawn Experts, we understand that life throws curveballs and creates financial emergencies. If you need fast cash to get through a situation, look no further than our top rated pawn shop in Gilbert. As experienced pawners, we are dedicated to your financial success and ensuring you have a reliable place to pawn your items without being treated unfairly in the process. Our loans are private and up to $75k, with the most reasonable repayment terms that you will find anywhere in Arizona. Don’t believe us? Simply give us a call to learn more or bring in your items for assessment today!

Flexible Repayment Plans With Low Interest Rates Near Gilbert
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Get 20% Bonus Cash On Your Next Loan &
Up To 20% Off For Any Items Purchased

Pawn Shop Serving Gilbert & The East Valley Since 1966

As a locally owned and operated pawn shop, The Pawn Experts has held a strong presence in the Valley since our opening day in 1966. Whether you have jewelry, instruments, watches, tools, guns, or other valuable items to pawn or sell, you can trust that we value your belongings just as much as you do.

Pawn Shop Serving Gilbert & The East Valley Since 1966
Affordable Loans, Excellent Customer Service & More

Affordable Loans, Excellent Customer Service & More

We know that pawning your items during a financial crisis can be embarrassing and upsetting, so we offer all loans 100% privately and discreetly. We promise that your personal information is protected from start to finish, and we offer the biggest loans and lowest interest rates you will find anywhere!

Pawn Loans Of Up To 75k Under Reasonable Terms

The Pawn Experts proudly give cash offers up to $75k for your belongings. We assess your items carefully and provide a fair, top dollar offer. Our pawn experts are friendly and knowledgeable, and always willing to work with you to find a reasonable repayment plan.

Pawn Loans Of Up To 75k Under Reasonable Terms
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Find A Wide Selection Of Items, Jewelry & Guns Near Gilbert

Find A Wide Selection Of Items, Jewelry & Guns

With an ever changing inventory, The Pawn Experts are a one stop shop for our customers by offering a variety of new and pre-owned merchandise. We have everything you could imagine, including gaming consoles, TVs, games, electronics, sports equipment, memorabilia, collectibles, firearms, tools, jewelry, musical instruments, and so much more!

Pawn Shop Near Gilbert With 5-Star Reviews

Every time I go in, to buy a new purse or get a loan. They are always friendly, and take their time with you. I usually deal with Korey, but everyone there is awesome.

Irma Orozco
Gilbert, AZ

A Pawn Experts' Happy Client

The Pawn Experts has worked hard to earn five-star ratings across the web on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. We carry an excellent reputation throughout the Valley for integrity and professionalism, and are dedicated to upholding our end of every contract. Visit our convenient locations near Gilbert today to experience it for yourself!

Take my word for it,
that this one is the BEST in the valley.

I always feel satisfied with my business there. This is the place to go!!!

Jewelry, Watches, Handguns, Collectibles & More!

Fast, Easy & Quiet Pawning Loan Process Near You

At The Pawn Experts, we have the ability to buy and pawn any items you may have. From diamonds and tools, to firearms and electronics, we offer top dollar and reasonable contracts to our customers. Your financial success is our top priority as offer the biggest loans and lowest interest rates you will find anywhere in the Valley! Visit us today to learn more about our Gilbert pawn loan process!

FAQs About Pawn Shop Loans

When you find yourself in a financial crisis, pawning your items is an excellent resource for fast cash. Bring your valuables to us and our pawnbrokers will examine them thoroughly to assess their condition and value. You will then receive a loan offer equal to a certain percentage of that item’s value, with a specific period of time to repay the loan.
In order to sell or pawn any items in Arizona, you must be over the age of 18 years and bring a valid driver’s license. If you do not have one or your license has expired, we are legally not allowed to purchase or pawn your belongings. If you are pawning a firearm, you must also bring any paperwork or information pertaining to that firearm.
The process to pawn a gun is a bit different than pawning other items. You will need to come prepared with information about the gun including the make, model, and caliber. Bring your personal information and proof of residence. Know the value of the gun beforehand, and be sure it is locked and unloaded before entering the shop.
Every pawn shop has different policies, but typically, your pawned items will be held for up to 30 days before being advertised for sale. Some pawn shops offer a grace period, especially if you are making regular payments according to your contract, but it is always best to pay back the cash loan as quickly as possible.
Many pawn shops allow the option to renew or extend your loan, if you do not have enough money to repay the initial amount within the first 30 days. You are typically allowed to extend the loan for another 30 days just by paying the monthly fee, and there are no limits on how many times your pawn loan can be extended.
Basically, the pawn loan amount is based on the value of the item you are pawning. After the pawnbroker has assessed the value of your item, they will offer you a cash loan for a certain percentage of the appraised value. It is very important to know the items’ value before visiting the pawn shop to ensure you are receiving a fair offer.

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