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Over 55 Years In The Pawn Industry

Over the years we have had people bring in all kinds of items, including firearms, jewelry, musical instruments, collectibles, sports equipment, TVs, and gaming consoles to name a few. Our experts assess them and then give a fair loan amount.

Get Fast Cash Loans For Your Jewelry And Firearms Near Fountain Hills

Things can suddenly come up. We know that. That is why we are ready to assess your jewelry and firearms so that you can get money to pay off emergencies.

Pawn Items for Quick Cash At The Pawn Experts Near Fountain Hills

Your Items For Quick Cash

Are you a Fountain Hills resident who needs money quickly? You can bring in a wide variety of items to pawn to us for that cash.

The Pawn Experts Near Fountain Hills Has The Biggest Inventory Around

From Our Large Inventory

You can come to us at The Pawn Experts to find a wide variety of items to buy. We have very affordable prices for a wide variety of products.

Get the Most Money For Your Items At The Pawn Experts Near Fountain Hills

Items Of Value For Top Dollar

Our expert pawn shop brokers will take a look at the items you have and give you a fair price while offering the best terms and reasonable rates in the area.

Flexible Repayment Plans With Low Interest Rates

At The Pawn Experts, we pride ourselves on our fairness to our customers. That is why we offer flexible terms for repaying the loans. We can work around whatever your budget and your situation are. That way, you won’t have to be stressed about paying us back. it is our goal to be fair to each and every one of our customers. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions – we will gladly answer them and explain anything that you might not understand.

Flexible Repayment Plans With Competitive Loan Terms
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Get 20% Bonus Cash On Your Next Loan & Up To 20% Off For Any Items Purchased At Any Of Our Five Valley Locations

*Not Applicable To Firearms

About Our Pawn Shop Serving Fountain Hills & Surrounding Cities

We are proud of our reputation in the Fountain Hills area for having knowledgeable staff who know many different aspects of the pawn business. Each of them have a niche that they are familiar with when it comes to assessing items and they can give you the best quote for it. They can also thoroughly explain the reasoning behind the price that they decide on.

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Quality Diamonds, Loans, And Excellent Customer Service Near Fountain Hills

Affordable Loans, Exceptional Customer Service & More

When you come see us at The Pawn Experts, you will always be treated with the respect that you deserve by our excellent staff. They will examine whatever you bring in and get you the best loan rate possible so that you will be able to pay it back with no strain to your bank account. Check out our reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Maps.

Pawn Loans Of Up To 75k Under Reasonable Terms

There are times when you encounter a large financial emergency. We can help you with your situation, giving you a loan for up to $75k, and you will find the repayment terms to be more than reasonable. Bring us the big-ticket items that you have and we will see what we can do for you. Our staff will be up front with you about everything.

Private Article Appraisal, High Loans, And Respect With Every Deal
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Amazing Selection Of Jewelry And Quick Cash Loans Near Fountain Hills, AZ

Find A Wide Selection Of Items, Jewelry & Guns

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here at The Pawn Experts. We have everything from TVs to consoles to jewelry to guns. All of them for affordable prices. Come talk to our expert staff who will discuss the price with you. We have been in the business for as long as we have been for a reason – we treat everyone who comes in fairly.

Pawn Shop Near Fountain Hills With 5-Star Reviews

Will forever recommend! George guided me in finding the ring of my dreams and was honest, kind and professional.

Paige W.
North Scottsdale AZ
Five Star Review By Pawn Shop Client

The Pawn Experts proudly carry a five-star reputation for reliable service and honest repayment contracts. We understand that it can be difficult to pawn items, so we ensure the process is quick, painless, and smooth, while keeping your personal information private and secure. Give us a call today to learn more!

Take my word for it,
that this one is the BEST in the valley.

I always feel satisfied with my business there. This is the place to go!!!

Jewelry, Watches, Handguns, Collectibles & More!

Quick, Quiet & Discreet Pawning Loan Process Near You

If you are in need of cash but don’t want prying eyes, or are afraid for your own safety and that of your belongings, rest assured. Our pawn brokers can assess your items quickly and discreetly.

Find Quality Diamonds At The Pawn Experts Shop Near Fountain Hills
Find Elegant Jewelry At The Pawn Experts Shop Near Fountain Hills
Find Luxury Watches At The Pawn Experts Shop Near Fountain Hills
Find Classical Instruments At The Pawn Experts Shop Near Fountain Hills
Musical Instruments
Find Electronics At The Pawn Experts Shop Near Fountain Hills
TVs, Smartphones & Electronics
Find Guns At The Pawn Experts Shop Near Fountain Hills
Guns & Firearms
Find Arts And Collectibles At The Pawn Experts Shop Near Fountain Hills
Art & Collectibles
Find Tools At The Pawn Experts Shop Near Fountain Hills
Hand, Power & Gardening Tools

FAQs About Pawn Shop Loans

A pawn shop is an excellent resource for you should you find yourself in a sudden financial emergency. You can bring in various items and we accept it as collateral for a loan. Our experts will assess whatever item you bring in and then offer a loan for a certain amount that is based on a percentage of that item’s value. You will then have a specific time frame to pay back the loan.
There are just a few things that you need to pawn an item. You need to prove that you are over 18, since you will be signing loan papers, so that means that you need a state-issued ID, like a driver’s license. While our experts will appraise the item, you can bring any certificates of authenticity. Of course, you need to bring the item.
Make sure that the pawn shop does take guns as collateral. You also need to bring in everything about the gun, including what the make and model is. Ensure that the gun is locked up and unloaded. Find out how much the gun is worth before bringing it in. Bring in ID and proof of residence. After that, our experts will explain everything.
This depends on your paying us back the loan that we made to you. Places generally hold them for 30 (thirty) days before selling them. Always be in communication with us if there are any issues with your repaying us – that way, we can make any necessary adjustments. We always aim to be fair to each person, so keep those lines open and things should be fine.
We know that things can happen while you are trying to repay a loan. We aim to always be fair at The Pawn Experts, so we do allow extensions and renewals within reason. Contact us as soon as you know that there is going to be a problem. That way, we can figure out the best options for you and come to a decision that will help you.
The first thing that we do when you bring in an item is to determine what the value of it is. Then we take a certain percentage of that value and offer it as a loan to you. While we are fair, you should also know that value before you come to see us so that you can be certain that we are offering you a good quote.

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